RJM Amp Gizmo – Amp Channel Switching Via MIDI!


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RJM Amp Gizmo – Amp Channel Switching Via MIDI!

Most guitar players have experienced the dreaded “tap dance” – having to stomp on multiple pedals and footswitches to select the sound you need. It’s a hassle and can detract from a performance.

MIDI can be used to solve this problem. MIDI controlled effects units have been available for decades. It’s a tried and true solution. You can control a whole rack of effects using a single MIDI controller. However, most guitar amplifiers have no MIDI capability, so you’re stuck with using a separate footswitch just for the amp.

That’s where the Amp Gizmo comes in. It will allow you to control all of the footswitchable features of your amp from any MIDI controller. You can finally put your amp’s footswitch away and control your amp from the same MIDI controller you’re using to control your effects!



  • Easy programmability using the front panel buttons and LEDs. So easy, in fact, that one of our customers said that it took longer to run the cable than it did to program the Amp Gizmo.
  • The Amp Gizmo can control virtually every amp on the market. It was designed for maximum compatiblity – there’s no switcher on the market that works with more amps than the Amp Gizmo. How did we do this?


  • Both 1/4″ and DIN switching jacks are provided to make it easy to connect to any amp. Many amps require only standard 1/4″ cables, and we can build custom adapter cables for virtually any amp that requires a special connector.
  • Eight switches provide enough capacity to switch the features of the most complicated amps.
  • High quality relays are used to provide the most compatible switching.
  • Both latching and momentary switching are supported, further increasing compatibility.


  • The Amp Gizmo can store 256 programs – probably more than you’ll ever need. You can transfer program data to and from a computer or between two Amp Gizmos in order to keep a backup of your settings.
  • The Amp Gizmo will not cause hum due to ground loops. All switching jacks are electrically isolated from each other.
  • You can safely control up to five devices with a single Amp Gizmo.
  • Run only a single cable to your MIDI footswitch! The Amp Gizmo can provide phantom power to most MIDI footswitches, eliminating the need to have a separate power supply.
  • Solid and durable with a powder coated steel case.
  • 2 year limited warranty


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