Palmer Audio Tools PFFX 2-channel Loop Switcher



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Palmer Audio Tools PFFX 2-channel Loop Switcher

The Palmer PFFX allows you to individually switch on or off two effect loops, or connect both in series and thus supports customised set-ups, e.g. for rhythm and solo sounds. For the FX 2, a mute function for connecting a tuner can be selected and a ground lift switch helps to avoid ground loops. The PFFX can also be inserted in the effects loop of an amplifier. The flexible true bypass pedal is completely passive; for using the LED displays, a 9V block battery or an AC adapter with negative internal contact such as the Palmer PW9V are required.


  • Product type: loop switcher
  • Type: 2-channel
  • Switching function: output switcher, input switcher
  • Inputs: 3
  • Input connectors: 6.3 mm Jack
  • Outputs: 3
  • Output connectors: 6.3 mm Jack
  • Transformer isolated outputs: no
  • Indicators: Loop On/Off
  • Controls: mute, Channel switch, ground lift
  • Operating voltage: 9 V DC power supply
  • Current draw: 0.04 A
  • Cabinet material: sheet steel
  • Cabinet surface: powder coated
  • Width: 120 mm
  • Depth: 120 mm
  • Height: 65 mm
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Features: True bypass

Condition: This unit is brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized Palmer Audio Tools dealer.


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