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Zvex Effects – Wah Probe

The Wah Probe is a theramin styled Wah pedal! There’s a copper plate that acts as an antenna that can be controlled by your foot, hands or even your face. You signla gets brighter as you foot approaches. This is no average wah, though. There’s ZVex Super Hard-On boost circuit in front of it! This way you can set the exact level of boost you’re looking for and to that great wah “crack.” There’s also a wet/dry knob so you can blend the affected sound in with your dry signal.

Range: Determines how bright the wah can get. Turn this all the way clockwise for maximum brightness (this is the setting in the original Wah Probe). Turning this counter-clockwise makes the range of the wah akin to more traditional, vocal type ranges.

Volume: This is the volume of the “drive” knob, just set it so that when you kick on the wah it’s doing it’s stuff at the right intensity. It goes from slightly lower than normal guitar volume to completely bonkers when turned up all the way.

Mix: Controls the wet/dry mix of the effect. Turn all the way clockwise for pure wah, or all the way counter clockwise for just the unaffected signal. Everything in between is a mixture of the two signals. This is great for stacking with fuzz or distortion and works great on bass guitars and synths.

There is also a trimmer on the bottom of the pedal that controls the RF field. If you turn it in the direction of the arrow (to the left) it will make the Probe circuit more sensitive and set the “bottom” setting of the wah higher and higher. It’s best to hold the pedal completely upside down so taht the cords are dangling away from the antenna and strum your guitar’s open strings. Gently adjust the RF pot with a tiny screwdrive. There’s a region where the sound is kind of muffled and the wah kicks in after your foot gets near the pedal, which is how ZVex ships the unit. If you like the wah to be partway “cocked” into the lower wah region just park the adjustment right where you like it. As you get close to the unit, it will wah higher.

Condition: These are brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized Zvex Effects dealer.

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