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Zvex Effects – Loop Gate

Gating very complex sounds like fuzz and delay is always a  challenge. The Loop Gate™ provides a loop switch with a  built-in “perfect” audio gate (high headroom, no distortion, no  hiss) that lets you set up a loop of pedals you can switch in  and out of your signal path at will, but you have a couple of  really fun options to control that loop that include a crossfade “mix” option as well as creating tremolo-like sounds  with “chop” mode. The beauty of introducing a loop into  a noise gate is that the device looks at your guitar signal  to see when you want to gate. It doesn’t even bother to  look at the output from your loop of pedals… that is way  too noisy to study. It’s much better to look at the incoming  guitar signal to see what’s up, and that’s just what the Loop  Gate™ does. The guitarist can have all sorts of crazy things  happening in the loop without worrying that all of that sonic  madness will trigger the gate.

Features: Release Knob; Normal / Chop Switch: The release knob  controls two different things depending on what position  the “Normal / Chop” switch is in. In “Normal” mode, the  release knob acts as a way to control the fade out time  of the gate or cross-fade. The release time is completely  adjustable from downright slammin’ (counterclockwise) to  extremely long and lovely (clockwise), like the most gorgeous fadeout performed by a professional engineer. In  “Chop” mode, the release knob controls how long the gate,  once triggered, will open and close for. There is no fading  in this mode; the audio is “chopped.” This control can be  used like a tremolo speed knob because the gate will continue to open and close in a rhythmic-like fashion as long as  the gate’s sensitivity threshold is surpassed.

Sensitivity: A wide-ranging sensitivity control to set the  turn-on threshold. It can be extremely sensitive if set all the  way clockwise. If the user sets this all the way counterclockwise, it is impossible for the gate to open, which is  useful for crossfades while in “Mix” mode.

Buffer On / Buffer Off Switch: There is a switchable buffer on the “loop send” part of the device (receive is always  buffered). These are the same glistening buffers found in  the Lo-fi Loop Junky™ (the clean sound). Please see the back  of this page for more information on turning this buffer off.

Gate / Mix Switch: In “Gate” mode, the device will gate to  silence when the guitar signal does not reach the sensitivity  threshold. In “Mix” mode, the device will allow clean guitar  to pass when the guitar signal does not reach the sensitivity  threshold; if the sensitivity threshold is met, it allows users to  do crossfades when audio is being generated inside the loop  (i.e. a playback device of some kind like the Lo-Fi Loop Junky).

Bypass Stomp Switch: True bypass switch.

Gate Stomp Switch: When this switch is not engaged, the  device acts as a simple effects loop with a switchable send  buffer (receive is always buffered). When it is engaged, the  “Gate / Mix” switch will control whether the device is gating to  silence or cross-fading.

Condition: These are brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized Zvex Effects dealer.

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