PedalTrain PT-VT2 Volto Rechargeable Pedal Power Supply



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PedalTrain Volto Rechargeable Pedal Power Supply PT-VT2

Volto is the world’s #1 rechargeable pedal power supply. Volto is an efficient and super quiet alternative to traditional AC powered options. Volto is a great choice for small pedal boards like our Pedaltrain Nano, Nano+ and Metro Series. It’s also super thin, about the same size as a smart phone. Volto includes connecting cables and an AC charger with universal plug adapters which will allow you to recharge anywhere in the world.

Volto is an incredible innovation, but it does have limitations. We want you to understand both its capabilities and limitations to ensure your satisfaction and a long life for the device.

We have designed Volto with two 9-volt outputs, capable of providing 2000 mA (5000 mAh) of peak output. Volto will provide clean, quiet power to as many analog 9-volt pedals as you like. Volto’s battery life will vary based on the total current draw of the pedals you are powering. The more pedals you use, the faster the battery will discharge.

We have also included two strips of adhesive backed, hook and loop material to use in mounting your Volto to a Pedaltrain pedal board. Volto’s chassis was specially designed to fit in between the horizontal aluminum rails underneath all Pedaltrain models.

Note: Older Pedaltrain Minis, those manufactured before Summer 2012, will not accommodate Volto under-side mounting. We recommend top-side or front-edge mounting for these older boards.

Volto Features:

Reliable and long-lasting power for analog pedals, the kind that use traditional 9v batteries
Hundreds and hundreds of lifetime recharges with proper care
Over its life, Volto contains the equivalent of many thousands of 9v batteries
Easy to recharge worldwide
Proprietary noise cancellation
Not intended for high-draw digital pedals
Charge life will vary depending on the draw and usage of connected pedals
Outputs cannot be jumped or combined to modify power output, doing so may cause injury or damage and will void your warranty
2000 mA is a measure of peak output not recommended usable capacity

Condition: These are brand new, fresh from the factory. You’re purchasing from an authorized PedalTrain dealer.

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