NEW! Keeley Electronics LUNA II OVERDRIVE Distortion Pedal – Latest Version 2!



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Keeley Luna II Overdrive – Newest Version Tweaked By Robert Keeley

The Keeley Luna II Overdrive – as always, 100% Hand Built in the USA!

This pedal has gotten a top to bottom rebuild and the sound is outrageously good! The new Keeley Luna II overdrive sports several changes designed to tighten up the sound and now includes a filter designed to replicate vintage speaker roll-off.  After the JFET style transistors became obsolete in the earlier version of the Luna we were delighted to find the trusty MPF102 worked perfectly and sounded beautiful.  We were able to tighten up the distortion and bass response.  By adding the speaker simulation filter we have made the pedal milky smooth.  Active tone controls and FETs used for distortion make sure this pedal delivers tons of cranked amp overdrive and distortion.

The Keeley Overdrive is capable of operating as a smooth, subtle drive that gives you plenty of warming overtones that fill a room. Prefer a grittier flavor of overdrive? It does that too! Using two different drive stages and a very responsive set of tone controls, the Keeley Overdrive retains all of your guitar’s essence and adds any kind of grit or dirt you could want!

We were after an overdrive that made you want to play guitar. We wanted you to be able to get a dark tone, or a bright sound, a clean one or one very heavy and powerful. We wanted tone controls that were endlessly responsive and highly configurable. Compromise should never be part of what you hear. So we crafted a machine that shows off the rest of our gear and your music, instead of covering it up. We think you will agree!


The Keeley Overdrive has two active tone controls so that the bass and treble can be turned down to get a vocal-like midrange tone easily. I like to turn the Low control down when I want to get a tube screamer sound and then use the High control almost like the single tone control on a lot of pedals. (Works great the other way too! Turn the High control to a really low setting and then adjust the Low control to find that tone you’ve been trying to get!)

Condition: This unit is brand new, fresh from the factory. You’re purchasing from an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer.

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