Milkman Sound 40W Pedal Steel Mini Amplifier – Reverb


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Milkman Sound 40W Pedal Steel Mini Amplifier – Reverb

┬áBig steel tone in a lightweight package. 40 watts, 35 pounds in a 12″ Combo: The Milkman “Mini” has finally arrived. This is the most power I could fit into the smallest and lightest package without compromising tone or quality. Tube reverb, Telonics speaker… the mini is your secret weapon!

This is a compact lightweight version of the Milkman 85W Pedal Steel Amplifier. Boasting 40W, the amp has half the power – nearly half the weight – but the same full tone as its big brother.

Like all other Milkman amplifiers it is hand wired using the finest possible components available. The 12″ Combo weighs 35lbs and is the same size as a Princeton Reverb┬«!

This is the first amplifier that I designed around a speaker – that speaker is the lightweight Telonics Neo speaker which was designed specifically for steel guitar. What a great match for a tube amplifier designed specifically for steel guitar! This combination has the sparkle and depth you are looking for with both E9 and C6 tunings. Its just a tad bigger than your steel seat and might even weigh less!

40w Mini Features:

  • Custom Black Tweed Tolex
  • Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass controls
  • Reverb Tone and Depth Controls
  • Rear mounted Power and Standby switch
  • Optional tube buffered Effect Loop
  • 40W Class AB Push Pull Amplifier
  • Hand Wired in USA with Cloth Wire
  • 12″ Combo
  • Deep 2 Knob Tube Reverb System
  • Custom EQ
  • Mercury Magnetics
  • Jupiter Capacitors
  • Jupiter Speakers
  • NOS Allen Bradley Resistors Throughout
  • Turret Board Construction
  • Rear Adjustable Fixed Bias
  • 35lbs for 12″ combo
  • Dimension: 20″x16″x10″
  • Weight: 35 lbs

Condition: This unit is brand new fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized Milkman dealer!

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 20 in