Lindy Fralin High Output Strat Bridge Pickup



Lindy Fralin High Output Strat Bridge Pickup


High Output Single Coil Pickups are for players that use the Hum-Single-Single or Hum-Single-Hum variation on their guitars. High Output Pickups are thick, strong, and dark. If you have a bright sounding guitar, you will love the sound of High Output Single Coil pickups. High Output Pickups are perfect for any musician trying to balance the tonal aspects and the output of a humbucker with their single coils. High Outputs are wound with 5% more coil than Blues Specials, which means 5% more output than our Blues Special pickups. 5% more coil also means more mid-range and less treble than our Blues Special Pickups.

When playing clean, High Output Pickups sound very thick and dark, simply because of the increased mids and lows, and less highs. Additionally, High Output Single Coils have a nice compressed, beefy sound. With distortion, the tone remains thick and fat while being slightly compressed and thick with a low-end growl and a medium attack.

Hand wound with 43 gauge Heavy Formvar wire, beveled AlNiCo V magnets and cloth leads. The neck and middle pickups are a modified 50’s specs, and the bridge pickup is just hot enough to have the same output as the neck and middle pickups.


  • Thick, full sound with low-end growl and warm treble strings
  • Our Stock set features a 5% overwound bridge
  • Perfect for combining with Humbuckers
  • USA-Made parts
  • High Output Strat Pickups come in Yellow (Aged White) covers. Other colors are available upon request


Condition: This unit is brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized Lindy Fralin Pickups dealer.