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Electro Harmonix Soul Food Shamrock Mod

The Shamrock mod keeps the core of the Soul Food’s Klon sounds while giving you six amazing tonal tweaks that you will have a hard time knowing you lived without. There are two external low-profile mini-toggles added to the side of the pedal (no they can’t be placed on top or another location as the circuit board and mechanical design only allow the spot we have chosen). The toggle on the left-side is what we like to call the “Tri-Gain” and it adjusts between three clipping arrangements that to our knowledge have not been done on a Klon type circuit. When this toggle is “down” you are playing the magical diodes only found at the end of the rainbow at the end of the yellow brick road…in other words the “down” position is the stock Soul Food.

These Soul Food diodes are nice and smooth, gainy and have a great natural breakup with the drive knob in the upper ranges. The “middle” position is a much more open/blunt setting that lends itself to some of the sweetest tones you have ever heard when pushing a dirty amp or another drive pedal. The “up” position gives you a really unique breakup that suits itself to players who love the Centaur for higher gain applications like we do. The switch on the right-side is what we like to call the “Punch” toggle. Essentially when this switch is flipped you will experience a boost in all frequencies as well as overall girth and power. If you use the Soul Food as a boost or light overdrive you are going to really enjoy what this brings to the table.


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