Gurus Amps OPTIVALVE Tube-Optical Compressor Pedal


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Gurus Amps OPTIVALVE Tube-Optical Compressor Pedal

The OPTIVALVE Tube-Optical Compressor Pedal is the last word in Compressor Pedals with all the advantages of the legendary Studio Outboards that have made history in music, but more versatile and easier to use.

Use it in different ways as a studio outboard, or on your pedalboard. As a standard compressor pedal to bring out the tone suitable in various styles: funky, blues, rock, etc. Use as a Limiter, to obtain maximum clean volume from your Amp without adding crunch it, or as an incredible enhancer of your TONE.

Use the “See thru Magic EYE” to view the Compression reduction level. Use it with your Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, or as real outboard for your mixing tracks.


  • Power In: 9-12 VDC max.
  • Consumption (normal conditions): Max 230 mA
  • Max Consumption Peak at start (tube warm up): <1A
  • Gain reduction: Up to 40db
  • Input Impedance: <1M Ohm
  • Input Level: 1 Vpp max.
  • Distortion: <0,28% @+24db
  • Output Impedance: <100K Ohm
  • Output Level: +22db / +28db peaks
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20.000Hz +/- 0,8db
  • Tone filter: – 6db @4500Hz.
  • Magic Eye Meter: db Gain Reduction
  • Signal Noise ratio: <80db @max limiting value
  • Tube type: 12AU7/ECC82
  • Width: 165mm.
  • Length: 125mm.
  • Height: 35mm.
  • Weight: 0,6Kg.


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