Gurus Amps ECHOSEX 2 LTD – 20th Anniversary Limited Edition!


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Gurus Amps ECHOSEX 2 LTD – 20th Anniversary Limited Edition!


To celebrate the Cicognani Engineering’s 20th anniversary, we let Guglielmo dreams about a perfect Echosex 2°, completely focused on Guitar use, simulating a perfectly restored Binson Unit. This run in a limited numbered series of only 500 units!

LTD Features:

  • Custom colour with “Martellato” finishing.
  • Max. Delay as a standard Binson with the “Gilmour Mod near to 440ms.
  • More focus on Guitar use (fitted input impedance)
  • More Clarity

ECHOSEX 2 is the Gurus Amps Reissue of the legendary BINSON ECHOREC the notorious Echo unit world-wide known and brought to celebrity by artists like Pink Floyd which became its embodiment. This is not just a re-run. We decided to make our up-to-date interpretation without affecting its features but fixing, thanks to the modern technologies, some limits of the original machine:

Transportability: We realized the device needed to be in a stompbox format, sized for being comfortably placed in a pedalboard.

Reliability: There are no mechanical parts in need of maintenance.

Purity: The signal path is fully analog and tube-state, we recreate that “Binson System” made of Tube Preamp/Head Simulation/Filters.

Connections: Thanks to the dip-switches on side panel, you can set in&out levels from -10db to +4 as in the original Binson Echorec, to better fit high output humbuckers, active guitars, active bass, keyboards, drum, mic preamp and whatever you want to plug into; and programming the bypass button to choose if you want its stops delays or fade out when bypass it.

Personality: Every original Binson was unique, because of the different wearing of the mechanical parts based on their usage. This led to a very specific feature: when the mechanical parts were worn, especially the rubber wheel pushing the disc, a sort of modulation in the delay time arouse. For Binson-sound lovers, that was a really distinctive and sought after feature so, we replicated and synthesized that peculiarity in ECHOSEX 2 with a single control called “Age Of Damage” according to the nice and genuine Binson naming. Tone control only affects repeats, in conjunction with the feedback control which sets quantity up to an endless self-oscillating level and works on the brightness of each repeat, just like the original model. This thing is a real creativity machine a fascinating device that catches you from the very first notes thanks to the warmth of its tone, the authenticity of its character and the creative opportunities it offers acting on the controls.


  • Power In: 9-12VDC Max.
  • Consumption: Max 290mA
  • Input Impedance: <1M Ohm
  • Input Level: 1,2 Vpp Max.
  • Input Attenuation: 0/-10db
  • Output Impedance: <100K Ohm
  • Output Level: 0/+4db
  • Mix Level: 50% max.
  • S/N Ratio: <80db.
  • Tube Type: 12AX7B Gurus
  • Width: 165mm.
  • Length: 125mm.
  • Height: 35mm.
  • Weight: 0,7Kgs


Condition: These are brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized Gurus Amps dealer!

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