Goodrich Sound L-120 Low Profile Passive Volume Pedal



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Goodrich Sound L-120 Low Profile Passive Volume Pedal


The Goodrich L-120 is the “Low Profile” version as described above. Wether sitting behind a steel guitar or standing over a pedal board, for additional balance and comfort, the “Low Profile” is available. If you are long-legged person, or prefer having both legs at about the same height when you play, the “lowboy” Goodrich pedal is probably your answer. Three quarters of an inch has been shaved off its height, and the pedal weighs a little less than the Model H-120. Otherwise, the two pedals are identical. Many players appreciate this added comfort. It is a bit more expensive due to the additional machining required to reduce its height.

The Goodrich L-120 Volume Pedal, a lower profiled version of the H-120, which has long been a favorite of the professionals because of its simplicity and dependability. The 120 has two outputs for driving two amps. The L120 is fast becoming the Volume Pedal of choice for Guitar Players, because of the lower profile and the fact that it fits in pedal boards quite nicely…. The pedal utilizes a Brand New, Custom Engineered Pot for Goodrich Sound, Guaranteed for 1 year, but realistically should last 100’s of thousand of cycles, giving you years of great service.


  • Goodrich L-120
  • Low Profile Passive model
  • Two outputs for driving two amps.
  • Custom Engineered Goodrich Pot
  • Guaranteed for 1 year
  • Can be used for 6-string Guitar, Steel Guitar or Keyboard applications


Condition: This unit is brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized Goodrich Audio dealer.



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