Faber TONE-LOCK ABR1 Bridge Fits 6-32 & 4mm – Hybridge Titanium Saddles – Nickel


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Faber Tone-Lock Bridge Hybridge Option (3 Titanium Saddles) – Nickel Finish (3031)

Our exclusive “No Gap” technology is also available in our Tone-Lock™ Bridge. Light years ahead of the usual “set screw” method of locking a bridge to the studs, one look at our system will show it’s design superiority and how it actually can increase sustain. With our system, you wont damage your bridge post’s threads – a common occurrence with the set screw method. The Tone-Lock™ Bridge, just like our non-locking ABR-59 bridges, features removable saddles. Saddles have starter notches dead center as standard, but optional non pre-notched saddles are also available. “Universal,” in that lock nuts are provided in each kit for either 6-32 thread pattern (used on Gibson Tune-o-Matic equipped guitars prior to the introduction of the Nashville bridge, and currently on the “Historics”) or 4mm, for use on many imported guitars and on the all Faber® replacement 4mm bridge studs (iNsert™, BSWKIT™, NSWKIT™ and E-Sert™). Nashville equipped guitars, and guitars using large body inserts for the bridge posts, such as Epiphone, can not use the Tone-Lock™ natively. Faber® BSWKIT™, iNsert™, NSWKIT™ or E-Sert™ must be purchased separately.

This has the optional “HYBRIDGE™!” The E-A-D string saddles are made of titanium to give you more clarity on the low strings. The D-B-high E saddles are standard nickel.


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