Disaster Area Designs NNB Neunaber Expanse MIDI Bridge



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Disaster Area Designs NNB Neunaber Expanse MIDI Bridge

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The Disaster Area NNB Expanse Bridge unit is a compact interface unit that allows control of a Neunaber Expanse Series pedal by a MIDI controller. The NNB is designed to connect to the ExP port on the rear of the Expanse Series (also known as V2 Stereo) pedals. The NNB is powered by the Expanse series, just connect the two with the provided Cat-5 cable.

Once connected, the NNB offers all of the functions of the official EXP controller including effect selection and preset morphing. The NNB will even work with the Expanse software so that you can select and customize your effects.

Tap the NNB footswitch to toggle between the two “preset” sounds for each effect selection, or hold the footswitch to cycle through the available effects. If you’d rather have easy access to the effects, you can reverse this setting. You can even connect a standard expression pedal to seamlessly “morph” between presets.

The NNB functions as a space-saving version of the EXP controller, but it really shines when connected to a master MIDI controller! Send a MIDI program change to select the presets and effects.

Send the NNB a MIDI program change from your controller to set its MIDI receive channel. The NNB will set itself to the same channel as the program change message and the LED will flash violet. Once the configuration and MIDI channel are set, power-cycle the NNB and it is ready for use.


  • Sturdy cast aluminum enclosure measures 3.6″ L x 1.5″ W x 1.4″ H.
  • 1/4″ MultiJack operates as expression pedal input, footswitch input, or MIDI output.
  • Connects to Neunaber Expanse series pedal using a standard CAT5 cable (included.)
  • MIDI jack functions as MIDI input and MIDI output using MIDI-Y cable.
  • Mini-USB port for firmware update and USB MIDI functionality.

Condition: This unit is brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized Disaster Area Designs dealer.



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