David Allen Pickups – Dual Blades Strat Pickup Set



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David Allen Pickups – Dual Blades Strat Pickup Set


David Allen Signature set of Dual Blades. These Blades are not like any other, they use custom parts and are wound with several wire changes to shape a beautiful tonal voice that is very responsive in all positions with great string to string seperation. The bridge has enough power to rival a humbucker but plays with great note separation.

Hand built on flatwork with a 4 conductor lead. These are noiseless so you can turn up the gain and RAWK if you wish or play delicate notes without the Single Coil hum. Best with 500k pots and a .022 or .033 uF PIO tone capacitor but can be played with 250K pots they will just have a slightly compressed tone.


  • Neck 5.3k Middle 5.7k Bridge 9.3k
  • Artists Playing: Stevie D. (Buckcherry), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins)
  • Inductance in Henries:┬áNeck 2.4, Middle 2.37, Bridge 2.7
  • Resistance:┬áNeck 1.9, Middle 2.5, Bridge 5.8
  • Cream covers included


Condition: This unit is brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized David Allen Pickups dealer.


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