Analog Man Bi-CompROSSor Compressor Pedal (Latest Revision 5) External Mix Knob Upgrade


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NEW! Analog Man Bi-CompROSSor Compressor Pedal (Latest Revision 5) External Mix Knob Upgrade

The Revision 5 circuit is pretty much the same as REV4 with the addition of a MIX control, which can go from full dry (no compression) to full wet (same as REV4). Mixing in dry gives you the attack of the note, which is compressed away normally, if you want to hear that. When set at full dry, the pedal becomes a clean boost/buffer pedal and makes pedals after it sound really great, with more presence. Mix is available as a trimpot on the circuit board or as a fifth external knob above the sun logo. We can also put the MIX knob where the normal ATK knob was, and put the attack control as a trimpot on the board. Attack is subtle and not often adjusted.

Here is info on the previous Rev 4 circuit:

In April, 2013 we came out with REV4, which improved the COMPROSSOR (left side of BICOMP) circuit. Mike had been playing in a band for a few years, and noticed that SOME pedals on his board would not drive a load well, they would get dark and dull, due to a bad (high) output impedance. This is easily tested by running pedals into something like a low impedance volume pedal, with a switchable buffer between them. The ARDX20 with the delay level down is excellent for testing – when ON it’s a great buffer, when OFF it’s true bypassed. To test a pedal, simply turn the buffer on and off and listen for a change in tone. With most pedals, like our Chorus, Juicer, etc, there is no difference – they can drive the signal to your amp through long cables or volume pedals no problem. But the Comprossor sounded dull when the buffer was removed. The original Ross, Dynacomp, and all the other Ross clones do the same exact thing- they really need a buffer after them to sound good.

Also these pedals don’t have a very loud output, especially when you hit them hard, for example with humbuckers or a boosted signal. One other problem all these pedals have is phase reversal – they flip the phase of your signal when you turn them ON. This may not be a problem for most people, but if you split your signal and combine it, or run into two amps, the out of phase signals will cancel and you will get a VERY thin sound. Also, for use as a clean boost, there was too much compression even with the SUSTAIN pot all the way down. So we reduced the minimum compression amount, without changing the maximum amount. Now the pedal is more usable as a clean boost, and also sounds great left on all the time as a tone sweetener/buffer. It’s great stacked into dirt pedals, chorus, vibes, etc now. With these problems fixed, there is no need for a blend knob, you should be able to keep your pure tone without the need for additional circuitry.

All of these problems are fixed in the REV4 circuit:

  • Excellent output impedance for a clearer tone with no signal loss or need for a buffer
  • More available output for boosting your amp
  • No phase reversal
  • Less compression available

We have slowly been improving our Comprossor every year, and are using some of the Saffron Squeeze improvements in all of our comprossors now. This makes them a little more open and less squashed than the other comps on the market. We have also tuned the low and high end of the pedal, so as to keep your signal from being changed.


  • Custom made aluminum box for durability. 3.75″ (9.5 cm) wide x 4.6″ (11.7 cm) length x 1.4″ (3.5cm) tall (plus knobs and jacks)
  • Professionally finished in antique silver hammertone powdercoat finish and white silkscreening.
  • The two compressors are not usually used at the same time, but you can if you want extra amounts of compression, squashing, and volume! I use them both to get feedback in certain passages.
  • True Bypass on both sides
  • Two 3PDT stomp switches
  • Two LEDs- left is red for compROSSor and right is Yellow.
  • Power jack standard, no extra charge. You can plug a Boss style 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel 9vDC adaptor into this jack.
  • UK made RE’AN jacks for best noise isolation and operation. They are more expensive than the metal Mexican Switchcraft jacks, but the benefits outweigh the cost.
  • New for 2003! Ross has the attack time knob standard, no more need to open the pedal to change attack setting!
  • Juicer has the bias trim pot inside on circuit board
  • Ross SUSTAIN knob on outside.New for 2003 now has same taper as original Ross pedal!
  • Two volume knobs (one for each compressor) on the outside.
  • Low power draw even with both LEDs on – about 10mA.


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