A/DA GSC-5 Guitar Cabinet Simulator & DI Box


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A/DA GSC-5 Guitar Cabinet Simulator & DI Box

The GCS-5 is a compact, lightweight solution for live performance and recording applications. The GCS-5 provides the tone that the combination of speakers, cabinets and microphones deliver without the actual equipment.

The GCS-5 features all-analog circuitry and an unconventional set of filters that are tuned to simulate the acoustic resonance of a mic’d guitar speaker cabinet. All of the tonal combinations simulate real-world speaker cabinets and mic placement. The GCS-5 is inserted between the output of your preamplifier, poweramp or pedal board and a recording interface or PA system. The GCS-5 puts the guitar player back in control and gives them the opportunity to keep “their tone” consistent from gig to gig as well as in the studio.


  • AMERICAN-BRITISH style speaker selector.
  • LEVEL control with an LED meter
  • Improved, low noise design.
  • XLR OUTPUT compatible with phantom power
  • 20db INPUT PAD for connecting large power amp signals
  • HEADPHONE OUTPUT with level control for private monitoring and practice
  • 9VDC at 250mA.

Condition: These are brand new, fresh from the factory. Vision Guitar is an authorized ADA dealer!



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