3′ LAVA TEPHRA Speaker Cable – Angled To Spade Clip – The Best for Combo Amps


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3′ Lava Tephra Speaker Cable – 1/4″ Angled To Spade Connectors

Premier Lava Audio Cables are made in the U.S.A. to the highest standards for the Music Industry with a lifetime warranty. Lava Cable is used by professionals such as Prince, Steve Stevens, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Carl Verheyen, Pete Thorn, Greg Koch, Elliot Easton, Dweezil Zappa, and Steve Morse and many more.

The Tephra™ speaker cable has been created based on years of customer feedback from several different speaker cable types – combining the best features of these. It is a 8-conductor, 13 AWG, stranded copper speaker cable that significantly enhances guitar amp speaker performance and tone. With a thick outer jacket and jumbo G&H speaker plugs, it is built for the rigors of stage use and to be extremely durable. Like actual Tephra from a volcanic eruption, rigs using the Tephra speaker cable will explode with bigger, fatter, and better tone.

Features: 3′ Lava Tephra speaker cable with (1) angled plug and 1 spade connector clip The best for combo amp to speaker applications 13 AWG CDA102 silver plated low strand copper 97% silver plated copper shielding 25 pF/ft capacitance


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