Wah Pedals

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  • Dunlop-20th-Anniversary-Limited-Edition-Crybaby-Wah-Pedal-Adjustable-Q-291025893870Read more

    Dunlop 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Crybaby Wah Pedal – Adjustable "Q"

  • BD95Add to cart

    Dunlop BD95 Billy Duffy Cry Baby® Wah Pedal – 2 Inductors

  • CBM105QAdd to cart

    Dunlop Cry Baby® Mini Bass Wah – CBM105Q

  • petrucci wahAdd to cart

    Dunlop John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah – JP95

  • ews wah boardRead more

    EWS Wah Board – Pedalboard Wah Mounting System – Cry Baby Version

  • ews wah boardAdd to cart

    EWS Wah Board – Pedalboard Wah Mounting System – Vox Wah Version

  • ews wah boardRead more

    EWS Wah Board – Pedalboard Wah Mounting System – Xotic Wah Version

  • clyde deluxeAdd to cart

    Fulltone CLYDE Deluxe Wah Pedal – Tuned Inductor – 3 Selectable Modes

  • wahfull-nlAdd to cart

    Fulltone Custom Shop SC-WF WahFull Fixed Wah Pedal

  • wah padRead more

    G-Lab True Bypass Wah-Pad (TBWP)

  • Limited-Edition-Dunlop-EVH-35th-Anniversary-Wah-Guitar-Effects-Pedal-EVH95SE-290960534260Read more

    Limited Edition Dunlop EVH 35th Anniversary Wah Guitar Effects Pedal – EVH95SE

  • snow white autowahRead more

    Mad Professor BJF Design Auto Wah – Voltage Control Filter Pedal

  • snow white autowahAdd to cart

    Mad Professor BJF Design Hand-Wired Auto Wah

  • m222-nlAdd to cart

    MXR M222 Classic Talk Box – Complete w/8′ Surgical Tube

  • NEW-CAE-Custom-Audio-Electronics-CUSTOM-DUAL-FASEL-INDUCTOR-WAH-PEDAL-MC404-290717210806Add to cart


  • NEW-Dunlop-Buddy-Guy-Signature-Cry-Baby-Wah-Wah-Pedal-BG95-271201528158Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal – BG95

  • NEW-Dunlop-CM95-Clyde-McCoy-Cry-Baby-Wah-Wah-The-Original-Tone-291239063450Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop CM95 Clyde McCoy® Cry Baby® Wah Wah – The Original Tone!

  • NEW-Dunlop-Cry-Baby-Q-WAH-WAH-PEDAL-95Q-Free-USA-Shipping-230857231488Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Cry Baby "Q" WAH WAH PEDAL – 95Q – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Dunlop-Cry-Baby-CLASSIC-WAH-PEDAL-GCB95F-Fasel-Inductor-Free-USA-Ship-290736519630Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Cry Baby CLASSIC WAH PEDAL GCB95F – Fasel Inductor – Free USA Ship!

  • NEW-Dunlop-Cry-Baby-EDDIE-VAN-HALEN-CUSTOM-WAH-PEDAL-EVH95-Free-USA-Shipping-271025582482Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Cry Baby EDDIE VAN HALEN CUSTOM WAH PEDAL EVH95 – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Dunlop-Cry-Baby-KIRK-HAMMETT-CUSTOM-WAH-PEDAL-KH95-Free-USA-Shipping-290618951691Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Cry Baby KIRK HAMMETT CUSTOM WAH PEDAL KH95 – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Dunlop-Cry-Baby-Mini-Wah-Pedal-GBM95-271860282365Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah Pedal – CBM95

  • NEW-Dunlop-Cry-Baby-MULTI-Q-WAH-PEDAL-535Q-B-Adjustable-Free-USA-Shipping-270983993128Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Cry Baby MULTI-Q WAH PEDAL 535Q-B – Adjustable – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Dunlop-Cry-Baby-WAH-PEDAL-GCB95-The-Original-Free-USA-Shipping-291332326361Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Cry Baby WAH PEDAL GCB95 – The Original – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Dunlop-Cry-Baby-105Q-Bass-Wah-271786769742Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Cry Baby® 105Q Bass Wah

  • NEW-Dunlop-DIMEBAG-Cry-Baby-From-Hell-WAH-PEDAL-DB01-Free-USA-Shipping-290751263311Read more

    NEW! Dunlop DIMEBAG Cry Baby From Hell WAH PEDAL DB01 – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Dunlop-Slash-Signature-Cry-Baby-Wah-SW95-Free-Shipping-291185596261Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop Slash Signature Cry Baby® Wah (SW95) Free Shipping!

  • NEW-Fulltone-CLYDE-Standard-Wah-Pedal-Hand-Made-Tuned-Inductor-271823008201Add to cart

    NEW! Fulltone CLYDE Standard Wah Pedal – Hand Made Tuned Inductor

  • NEW-Jerry-Cantrell-Signature-Cry-Baby-WAH-Pedal-JC95-Darker-Wah-Tone-291070778623Add to cart

    NEW! Jerry Cantrell Signature Cry Baby WAH Pedal – JC95 – Darker Wah Tone

  • NEW-Jim-Dunlop-JIMMY-HENDRIX-WAH-Pedal-JH1D-Free-USA-Shipping-291130928079Add to cart

    NEW! Jim Dunlop JIMMY HENDRIX WAH Pedal JH1D – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Jim-Dunlop-SC-95-Slash-Cry-Baby-Classic-Wah-Wah-Pedal-291256659514Add to cart

    NEW! Jim Dunlop SC-95 Slash Cry Baby® Classic Wah Wah Pedal

  • NEW-Joe-Bonamassa-Signature-Cry-Baby-WAH-Pedal-JB95-Vintage-Halo-Inductor-290736516694Add to cart

    NEW! Joe Bonamassa Signature Cry Baby WAH Pedal – JB95 – Vintage Halo Inductor

  • NEW-Robert-Keeley-Nova-Wah-LE-Pedal-Dial-In-2-Fixed-Wah-Effects-230785235458Read more

    NEW! Robert Keeley Nova Wah LE Pedal – Dial In 2 Fixed Wah Effects!

  • NEW-Robert-Keeley-Nova-Wah-Pedal-Dial-In-2-Fixed-Wah-Effects-271774206393Add to cart

    NEW! Robert Keeley Nova Wah Pedal – Dial In 2 Fixed Wah Effects!

  • NEW-ZVEX-HAND-PAINTED-SEEK-WAH-II-Wah-and-Tremolo-Sequencer-Pedal-230745127376Add to cart

    NEW! ZVEX HAND PAINTED SEEK WAH II – Wah and Tremolo Sequencer Pedal

  • NEW-Zvex-Vexter-Series-Wah-Probe-291334207498Read more

    NEW! Zvex Vexter Series Wah Probe

  • bel air wahAdd to cart

    Roger Mayer Bel Air Wah & Volume Pedal

  • wah rockerAdd to cart

    TWA Hand-Built WR-3™ WAH ROCKER (Guyatone Reissue)