Pedal Switchers

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  • Disaster-Area-Designs-DMC-2-Gen2-Compact-MIDI-Controller-For-Eventide-Pedals-291385736222Read more

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-2 Gen2 – Compact MIDI Controller For Eventide Pedals

  • Disaster-Area-Designs-DMC-2-Gen2-Compact-MIDI-Controller-For-FTT-Flight-Time-291385737609Read more

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-2 Gen2 – Compact MIDI Controller For FTT Flight Time!

  • Disaster-Area-Designs-DMC-2-Gen2-Compact-MIDI-Controller-For-TimeLine-Mobius-271780084153Read more

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-2 Gen2 – Compact MIDI Controller For TimeLine Mobius

  • Disaster-Area-Designs-DMC-3T-MIDI-Foot-Controller-wTap-Output-TimelineMobius-271835311363Add to cart

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-3T MIDI Foot Controller w/Tap Output Timeline/Mobius

  • dmc-3xl-gen3-nlAdd to cart

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-3XL Gen3 – Compact MIDI Controller

  • dmc4-nlRead more

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-4 Gen3 Compact MIDI Foot Controller

  • dmc6-nlRead more

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-6 Gen3 MIDI Foot Controller

  • dmc8-nlRead more

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-8 Gen3 MIDI Foot Controller

  • dmc-8dAdd to cart

    Disaster Area Designs DMC-8D 8-button MIDI Foot Controller with Display

  • LB-2Add to cart

    Free The Tone Loop Box LB-2 (Loop Expander for ARC-3 & ARC-53M)

  • $_57Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Mute Switch – Dual Color LED

  • stutter%20switch_zpswhddbkboRead more

    JHS Pedals Stutter Switch – Momentarily Mute Your Signal

  • LEHLE-1at3-SGoS-13-TRUE-BYPASS-SWITCHER-Brand-New-260358215907Read more

    LEHLE 1at3 SGoS [email protected] TRUE-BYPASS SWITCHER Brand New!

  • LEHLE-3at1-SGOS-31-STEREO-SWITCHER-Brand-New-260358214878Add to cart

    LEHLE 3at1 SGOS [email protected] STEREO SWITCHER Brand New!

  • Lehle-PARALLEL-L-True-Bypass-Compact-Line-Mixer-New-230530961211Add to cart

    Lehle PARALLEL L – True Bypass Compact Line Mixer -New!

  • Lehle-SUNDAY-DRIVER-XLR-Buffered-Line-Driver-XLR-Out-290480250680Add to cart

    Lehle SUNDAY DRIVER XLR – Buffered Line Driver XLR Out

  • LITTLE-LEHLE-II-True-Bypass-Effects-Looper-Switcher-NEW-290372252207Add to cart

    LITTLE LEHLE II True Bypass Effects Looper Switcher NEW

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-Octa-Switch-II-True-Bypass-Pedal-Switcher-291168078459Read more

    NEW! Carl Martin Octa-Switch II True-Bypass Pedal Switcher

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-Octa-Switch-MK-3-True-Bypass-Pedal-Switcher-231591972938Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin Octa-Switch MK 3 True-Bypass Pedal Switcher

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DMC-2-Compact-MIDI-Foot-Controller-271894624601Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DMC-2+ Compact MIDI Foot Controller

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DMC-4-Gen2-MIDI-Controller-wExpression-Roller-291332397651Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DMC-4 Gen2 MIDI Controller w/Expression Roller

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DMC-6D-MIDI-Foot-Controller-271684821525Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DMC-6D MIDI Foot Controller

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DMT-1-Micro-Tap-Tempo-Footswitch-Standard-291486831017Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DMT-1 Micro Tap Tempo Footswitch – Standard

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DMT-1-Micro-Tap-Tempo-Footswitch-Strymon-231587055609Add to cart

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DMT-1 Micro Tap Tempo Footswitch – Strymon

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DMT-3-Triple-Tap-Tempo-Footswitch-291494346324Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DMT-3 Triple Tap Tempo Footswitch

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DPC-5-Programmable-True-Bypass-Switcher-with-MIDI-291405283830Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DPC-5 Programmable True Bypass Switcher with MIDI

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DPC-8EZ-Programmable-Bypass-Switcher-with-MIDI-231547697355Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DPC-8EZ Programmable Bypass Switcher with MIDI

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-DVC-18-18v-Micro-Voltage-Converter-231492881654Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs DVC-18 18v Micro Voltage Converter

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-gHOST-Converter-USB-MIDI-Host-Interface-231557833488Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs gHOST Converter USB MIDI Host Interface

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-SMART-Clock-Tap-Tempo-Controller-231595699969Read more

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs SMART Clock Tap Tempo Controller

  • NEW-Disaster-Area-Designs-SMARTSwitch-2-MIDI-Channel-Switcher-231403516091Add to cart

    NEW! Disaster Area Designs SMARTSwitch 2 MIDI Channel Switcher

  • NEW-LEHLE-DLOOP-SGoS-The-Finest-Effect-Looper-Switcher-Free-USA-Shipping-270905604626Add to cart

    NEW! LEHLE D.LOOP SGoS – The Finest Effect Looper Switcher – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Lehle-DC-FILTER-Filters-DC-Voltage-Eliminates-Switching-Noise-290901718921Add to cart

    NEW! Lehle DC FILTER – Filters DC Voltage – Eliminates Switching Noise

  • NEW-Lehle-DUAL-SGoS-Splitter-Switcher-ABT-Box-The-Best-AB-Box-True-Bypass-271339554514Add to cart

    NEW! Lehle DUAL SGoS Splitter Switcher A/B/T Box – The Best A/B Box True Bypass!

  • NEW-Lehle-JULIAN-Line-Driver-With-Parametric-Midboost-271338791419Add to cart

    NEW! Lehle JULIAN Line Driver With Parametric Midboost

  • NEW-Lehle-Little-Dual-SGoS-Splitter-Switcher-231466709705Add to cart

    NEW! Lehle Little Dual SGoS Splitter Switcher

  • NEW-Lehle-MIDI-JUNCTION-Networks-Up-To-Four-Lehle-SGoS-Switchers-290901718714Add to cart

    NEW! Lehle MIDI JUNCTION – Networks Up To Four Lehle SGoS Switchers

  • NEW-Lehle-P-SPLIT-II-2-Passive-High-Impedance-Splitter-LTHZ-Transformer-291172373060Read more

    NEW! Lehle P-SPLIT II 2 Passive High Impedance Splitter – LTHZ Transformer!

  • parallel mAdd to cart

    NEW! Lehle PARALLEL M – True Bypass Compact Line Mixer

  • NEW-Lehle-SUNDAY-DRIVER-Buffered-Line-Driver-Preamp-Free-USA-Shipping-230686923121Add to cart

    NEW! Lehle SUNDAY DRIVER – Buffered Line Driver & Preamp – Free USA Shipping!

  • pcbRead more

    NEW! RJM Music Technology Mastermind PBC Pedalboard Switcher (10 Loops 4 Stereo)

  • mini amp gizmoAdd to cart

    NEW! RJM Music Technology Mini Amp Gizmo – Add MIDI Capabilities To Your Amp!

  • NEW-RMI-Basswitch-Classic-Boost-True-Sound-Technology-Bass-Guitar-Preamp-DI-291178078085Add to cart

    NEW! RMI Basswitch Classic Boost – True Sound Technology – Bass Guitar Preamp DI

  • NEW-RMI-Basswitch-Clean-Boost-True-Sound-Technology-Bass-Guitar-Preamp-DI-231269096656Add to cart

    NEW! RMI Basswitch Clean Boost – True Sound Technology – Bass Guitar Preamp DI

  • NEW-RMI-Basswitch-Sonic-Spark-True-Sound-Technology-Bass-Guitar-Enhancer-231269095174Add to cart

    NEW! RMI Basswitch Sonic Spark – True Sound Technology – Bass Guitar Enhancer

  • NEW-Robert-Keeley-True-Bypass-Looper-Pedal-Newest-Version-231368911989Read more

    NEW! Robert Keeley True Bypass Looper Pedal – Newest Version!

  • NEW-VOODOO-LAB-COMMANDER-Store-10-Customizable-Pedal-Presets-MIDI-InOut-230664464277Add to cart

    NEW! VOODOO LAB COMMANDER – Store 10 Customizable Pedal Presets – MIDI In/Out

  • NEW-Voodoo-Lab-GROUND-CONTROL-PRO-MIDI-Foot-Controller-Control-8-Devices-290634802809Read more

    NEW! Voodoo Lab GROUND CONTROL PRO MIDI Foot Controller – Control 8 Devices!

  • NEW-Voodoo-Lab-PEDAL-SWITCHER-4-True-Bypass-Loops-230762301154Add to cart

    NEW! Voodoo Lab PEDAL SWITCHER – 4 True Bypass Loops

  • NEW-Xotic-Effects-X-Blender-Series-Parallel-Effects-Looper-231508866840Add to cart

    NEW! Xotic Effects X-Blender – Series Parallel Effects Looper

  • salamadraAdd to cart

    One Control OC3P Salamandra Tail Loop – 3 Loop Programmable Switcher

  • Amp GizmoRead more

    RJM Amp Gizmo – Amp Channel Switching Via MIDI!

  • Effect GizmoRead more

    RJM Effect Gizmo – Programmable True Bypass 12-Loop Switcher

  • mastermind-ltAdd to cart

    RJM Mastermind LT MIDI Controller

  • s-l1600Add to cart

    RJM Mini Effect Gizmo – Loop Switching Technology/Small Package

  • gt-10-nlRead more

    RJM Music Technology Mastermind GT/10 – Most Advanced MIDI Controller!

  • VOODOO-LAB-GCX-Guitar-Audio-Switcher-Looper-Brand-New-230620552770Read more

    VOODOO LAB GCX Guitar Audio Switcher Looper – Brand New