Overdrive Pedals

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  • prince of tone 2Read more

    Analog Man Prince of Tone Overdrive

  • burnleyAdd to cart

    Bogner Amplification Burnley Overdrive Distortion 100% Analog Circuit

  • ecstasy blueAdd to cart

    Bogner Amplification Ecstasy Blue Distortion Overdrive Pedal

  • ecstasy redAdd to cart

    Bogner Amplification Ecstasy Red Distortion Overdrive Pedal

  • harlowAdd to cart

    Bogner Amplification Harlow Boost “Bloom Compression”

  • La GrangeAdd to cart

    Bogner Amplification La Grange Plexi-Style Overdrive Pedal

  • wessexAdd to cart

    Bogner Amplification Wessex Overdrive – Rupert Neve Transformer

  • burnley bubingaAdd to cart

    Bogner Studio Series Burnley Bubinga Overdrive Distortion

  • harlow bubingaAdd to cart

    Bogner Studio Series Harlow Bubinga Boost “Bloom Compression” – Rupert Neve Transformer

  • wessex bubingaAdd to cart

    Bogner Studio Series Wessex Bubinga Overdrive – Rupert Neve Transformer

  • SD-1Add to cart

    Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive With JHS Pedals Trans Am Mod

  • DLSAdd to cart

    Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret MKIII – Early Super Lead Tone!

  • 55Read more

    Catalinbread Formula No. 55 – 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Inspired!

  • rah-nlAdd to cart

    Catalinbread RAH – Jimmy Page 1970 Royal Albert Hall Tone

  • sabbra-nlAdd to cart

    Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra – Tony Iommi Treble Booster

  • brothersAdd to cart

    Chase Bliss Audio Brothers Two-Channel Analog Gainstage Overdrive

  • acapulco-gold-nlAdd to cart

    Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold V2 Overdrive Distortion Pedal

  • palisades-nlAdd to cart

    Earthquaker Devices Palisades Overdrive Distortion Pedal

  • Soul FoodRead more

    Electro Harmonix Soul Food – Includes JHS Pedals “Meat & 3” Mod

  • po6184-nlAdd to cart

    Ernie Ball 6183 Expression Series Overdrive

  • EWS-BD-1-Brute-Drive-Distortion-Eric-Gales-Signature-Model-Blues-Overdrive-271393151386Add to cart

    EWS BD-1 Brute Drive Distortion Eric Gales Signature Model – Blues Overdrive

  • tri-logic-3Add to cart

    EWS Tri-logic Bass Preamp 3 – Latest 3rd Generation

  • Free-The-Tone-Red-Jasper-Overdrive-RJ-1V-Brand-New-From-Authorized-Dealer-231462093613Add to cart

    Free The Tone Red Jasper Overdrive RJ-1V Brand New From Authorized Dealer!

  • BE-OD nlAdd to cart

    Friedman Amps BE-OD Overdrive – Authentic British Overdrive Tones

  • s-l1600Add to cart

    Fulltone Custom Shop Robin Trower Signature Overdrive

  • $_57Add to cart

    Fulltone Full-Drive 3 – Latest Version Smaller Housing FD-3

  • lightspeed-nl_zps3oqmvrhtAdd to cart

    Greer Amps Lightspeed Organic Natural Overdrive

  • ghetto-stomp-yellow-nl_zpsnslrf3vvAdd to cart

    Greer Amps Limited Edition Yellow Ghetto Stomp – BC107B

  • southland-nl_zpsa7kyoztgAdd to cart

    Greer Amps Southland Harmonic Overdrive

  • special-request-nl_zpsrf79kk5yAdd to cart

    Greer Amps Special Request D-Style FET Preamp Overdrive

  • ghetto-stomp-nl_zps960w7dv8Add to cart

    Greer Amps Standard Ghetto Stomp Distortion Fuzz Pedal

  • 59 double deckerAdd to cart

    Gurus Amps 1959 Double Decker – Tube Driven “1959” Tone!

  • sexydrive-nlAdd to cart

    Gurus Amps Sexy Drive MKII Overdrive – Dynamic & Amp-Like Response

  • HAO-RUST-BOOSTER-RB-1-CLEAN-BOOST-Overdrive-Brand-New-230386596823Add to cart

    HAO RUST BOOSTER RB-1 – CLEAN BOOST Overdrive Brand New

  • archer katnissAdd to cart

    J. Rockett Archer Overdrive Boost Pedal – JHS “Katniss” Mod

  • rockaway-nlAdd to cart

    J. Rockett Rockaway Archer Steve Stevens Signature Overdrive Boost EQ Pedal

  • dudeAdd to cart

    J. Rockett The Dude Overdrive

  • 45Add to cart

    J. Rockett Tour Series .45 Caliber Overdrive Pedal (1962 JTM 45 Sounds)

  • blue note tourAdd to cart

    J. Rockett Tour Series Blue Note Overdrive Pedal

  • GTOAdd to cart

    J. Rockett Tour Series GTO Guthrie Trapp Overdrive Pedal

  • LennyAdd to cart

    J. Rockett Tour Series Lenny Overdrive Pedal (SRV Steel String Singer)

  • Altair IVAdd to cart

    Jetter Pedals Altair IV Dual-Channel Overdrive

  • grissom-nlRead more

    Jetter Pedals David Grissom Signature Overdrive Pedal

  • 45-100Add to cart

    Jetter Pedals Gold 45/100 Overdrive Pedal

  • GoldAdd to cart

    Jetter Pedals Gold Standard Overdrive Pedal (Gold Shift + Helium)

  • GS124Read more

    Jetter Pedals GS 124 Overdrive Pedal

  • GS167Read more

    Jetter Pedals GS 167 Overdrive Pedal

  • zapAdd to cart

    Jetter Pedals ZAP – Marshall Into Fuzz Face “EJ Style” Pedal

  • angry charlie newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Angry Charlie V3 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • jhs-bd2-nlAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Boss BD-2 Blu-Drive Mod

  • charlie brown newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Charlie Brown V4 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • jhs-shamrockRead more

    JHS Pedals Electro Harmonix Soul Food Shamrock Mod

  • $_57Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Hand Painted Charlie Brown Overdrive Pedal

  • morning glory v4Read more

    JHS Pedals Morning Glory V4 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • ruby-redAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Ruby Red Butch Walker Signature 2-in-1 Overdrive/Fuzz/Boost

  • steakandeggsAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Steak N Eggs (Morning Glory + Keeley Compressor)

  • superbolt newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals SuperBolt V2 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • calhoun-nlAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals The Calhoun Mike Campbell Limited Qty. Signature 2-in-1

  • s-l1600Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Twin Twelve Channel Drive V2 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • Keeley-Electronics-White-Sands-Low-Gain-Overdrive-Limited-Edition-AC-Finish-291470161690Read more

    Keeley Electronics White Sands – Low Gain Overdrive – Limited Edition AC Finish

  • Keeley-Katana-Blues-Drive-Limited-Tweed-Edition-Modified-Katana-Blues-Drive-271894595420Read more

    Keeley Katana Blues Drive Limited Tweed Edition – Modified Katana Blues Drive!

  • Keeley-KATANA-PRE-AMP-OVERDRIVE-Pedal-Custom-Arlon-Painted-True-Clean-Boost-291227627335Add to cart

    Keeley KATANA PRE-AMP OVERDRIVE Pedal – Custom Arlon Painted – True Clean Boost!

  • Keeley-KATANA-PRE-AMP-OVERDRIVE-Pedal-Custom-Arlon-Painted-True-Clean-Boost-231316625062Add to cart

    Keeley KATANA PRE-AMP OVERDRIVE Pedal – Custom Arlon Painted – True Clean Boost!

  • ghiln3nfosoy5fxegfttRead more

    Keeley KE-808 Red Dirt Pro Overdrive Pedal

  • Keeley-Red-Dirt-Germanium-Distortion-Overdrive-Pedal-Limited-Run-of-50-291497760185Read more

    Keeley Red Dirt Germanium Distortion Overdrive Pedal – Limited Run of 50!

  • ed-astraAdd to cart

    Mad Mojo Electronics Ad Astra Overdrive Pedal

  • flinthillAdd to cart

    Mad Mojo Electronics Flinthill Discrete Preamp – Custom Shop Edition

  • mercuryAdd to cart

    Mad Mojo Electronics Mercury Overdriver – Overdrive Pedal

  • golden celloAdd to cart

    Mad Professor Golden Cello Overdrive Pedal – 2nd Edition

  • little green wonderAdd to cart

    Mad Professor Little Green Wonder Overdrive Pedal – BJF Design!

  • sd9-nlAdd to cart

    Maxon Nine Series SD-9 Sonic Distortion Overdrive Pedal

  • Maxon-OD808-Overdrive-Pedal-Tube-Screamer-JRC4558-IC-231494868545Add to cart

    Maxon OD808 Overdrive Pedal – Tube Screamer JRC4558 IC

  • od808xAdd to cart

    Maxon OD808X Overdrive Extreme

  • morgan odAdd to cart

    Morgan Amps OD Overdrive Pedal

  • csp036-nlAdd to cart

    MXR CSP036 Il Diavolo™ Overdrive Pedal (Carlo Sorasio)

  • s-l1600Add to cart

    MXR Custom Shop Shin-Juku Drive – Designed By Shin Suzuki

  • s-l500Add to cart

    MXR Dunlop EVH5150 – Eddie Van Halen Overdrive Pedal

  • JHS Dyna CompRead more

    MXR Dyna Comp – JHS Pedals Dyna Ross Mod

  • m250Add to cart

    MXR M250 Double-Double Overdrive Pedal – 2 Classic Overdrives

  • NEW-WHE203-Way-Huge-RED-LLAMA-Overdrive-Pedal-Transparent-Responsive-271156612510Read more

    NEW! (WHE203) Way Huge RED LLAMA Overdrive Pedal – Transparent & Responsive

  • NEW-Alexander-Pedals-Litho-Boost-Classic-Class-A-Boost-291390408831Add to cart

    NEW! Alexander Pedals Litho Boost – Classic Class A Boost

  • NEW-Bondi-Effects-Del-Mar-Overdrive-Great-Overdrive-Pedal-Classic-Tones-231425163449Read more

    NEW! Bondi Effects Del Mar Overdrive – Great Overdrive Pedal – Classic Tones!

  • NEW-Bondi-Effects-Sick-As-Overdrive-Mk-II-Clean-BoosterOverdrive-Pedal-291484115507Read more

    NEW! Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive Mk II – Clean Booster/Overdrive Pedal

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-AC-Tone-2-Overdrive-Channels-1-Clean-Boost-Channel-110v-231257779445Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin AC Tone – 2 Overdrive Channels 1 Clean Boost Channel – 110v

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-Compressor-Limiter-Authorized-Dealer-271521068926Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin Compressor Limiter – Authorized Dealer!

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-Dual-Injection-Boost-271696607404Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin Dual Injection Boost

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-PlexiTone-2-Channel-Overdrive-231257772807Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin PlexiTone 2-Channel Overdrive

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-Single-Channel-AC-Tone-271521065238Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin Single Channel AC-Tone

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-Single-Channel-PlexiTone-Pete-Thorn-231257821948Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin Single Channel PlexiTone – Pete Thorn

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-TOD-High-Gain-Overdrive-Authorized-Dealer-231258588267Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin TOD High Gain Overdrive – Authorized Dealer!

  • karma-germRead more

    NEW! Catalinbread Karma Suture GE Fuzz Pedal – Germanium Transistors

  • NEW-David-Allen-Bazooka-Overdrive-Pedal-291336600684Add to cart

    NEW! David Allen Bazooka Overdrive Pedal

  • NEW-Emerson-EM-Drive-Transparent-Overdrive-Pedal-Hand-Wired-USA-Made-231361922722Add to cart

    NEW! Emerson EM-Drive Transparent Overdrive Pedal – Hand Wired USA Made!

  • NEW-Emerson-Paramount-Overdrive-Pedal-Hand-Wired-USA-Made-291269484345Read more

    NEW! Emerson Paramount Overdrive Pedal – Hand Wired USA Made!

  • NEW-Emma-Effects-ONOMATOPOEIA-Booster-Overdrive-Pedal-231040752783Add to cart

    NEW! Emma Effects ONOMATOPOEIA Booster Overdrive Pedal

  • NEW-EWS-BMC-Bass-Mid-Control-Compact-Active-Mid-Controller-For-Bass-Players-271231334892Add to cart

    NEW! EWS BMC Bass Mid Control – Compact Active Mid-Controller For Bass Players