Fuzz Pedals

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  • jjine7ybyiphgzw0dtqtRead more

    Analog Man Astro Tone Fuzz Pedal – White

  • ymjvfjk9hdzt84pyhod0Read more

    Analog Man Peppermint Fuzz Pedal

  • benRead more

    Analog Man Sun Bender Fuzz Pedal MK 1.5

  • lqx5pqkoam6srxdmkszqRead more

    Analog Man Sun Face Fuzz Pedal – 2SB Transistor – No LED

  • w5bqr1szayrtzj0qdwwdAdd to cart

    Analog Man Sun Face Fuzz Pedal – 2SB Transistor – With LED

  • 108Read more

    Analog Man Sun Face Fuzz Pedal – BC108C Silicon Transistor (LED, DC Jack)

  • sunAdd to cart

    Analog Man Sun Face Fuzz Pedal – High Gain Transistor – Sun Dial

  • oxford-nlAdd to cart

    Bogner Amplification Oxford Fuzz Pedal – Rupert Neve Design Transformer

  • fuzzrite-nlAdd to cart

    Catalinbread Fuzzrite – Classic Gnarly Garage Fuzz

  • karma-nlAdd to cart

    Catalinbread Karma Suture Fuzz Pedal – Silicon Transistors

  • bellows-nl_zpsbvjyhhbqAdd to cart

    Earthquaker Devices Bellows Fuzz Driver

  • cloven-hoof-nl_zpso1jwfy8qAdd to cart

    Earthquaker Devices Cloven Hoof V2 Fuzz Grinder Pedal

  • erupter-nlAdd to cart

    Earthquaker Devices Erupter™ Ultimate Fuzz Tone

  • hoof-nl_zpskjd0fo6nAdd to cart

    Earthquaker Devices Hoof Germanium / Silicon Hybrid Fuzz Pedal

  • terminal-nlAdd to cart

    Earthquaker Devices Terminal Destructive Fuzz Device (Version 2)

  • okto-nl_zpselg3kijiRead more

    Emma Effects ON-1 Okto-Nøjs Octave Fuzz Pedal

  • ghetto-stomp-yellow-nl_zpsnslrf3vvAdd to cart

    Greer Amps Limited Edition Yellow Ghetto Stomp – BC107B

  • ghetto-stomp-nl_zps960w7dv8Add to cart

    Greer Amps Standard Ghetto Stomp Distortion Fuzz Pedal

  • super-hornet-nl_zpscjkxrsnuAdd to cart

    Greer Amps Super Hornet Octave Fuzz – BC107B Transistors

  • hooliganAdd to cart

    J. Rockett Tour Series The Hooligan Fuzz Pedal (WTF Style)

  • zapAdd to cart

    Jetter Pedals ZAP – Marshall Into Fuzz Face “EJ Style” Pedal

  • 4-wheelerAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals 4 Wheeler Bass Fuzz Pedal Version 2

  • $_57Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Mini Foot Fuzz Pedal

  • pollinator newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Pollinator V2 Fuzz Pedal – Latest Version!

  • s-l500Read more

    JHS Pollinator Classic Fuzz Face Pedal

  • tonebender-mk1.5-nlAdd to cart

    JMI Sound MK1.5 Tone Bender – NOS OC75 Germanium Transistors

  • tonebender-mk2-nlAdd to cart

    JMI Sound MKII Tone Bender NOS OC75 Germanium Transistors

  • tonebender-pro-mk2-nlAdd to cart

    JMI Sound Professional MKII Tone Bender – NOS OC81D Germanium Transistors

  • darkside-nlRead more

    Keeley Dark Side – Fuzz, Delay and Modulation

  • tesla-nlRead more

    Keeley Electronics Limited Run Tesla Mk III Soviet Fuzz Bender

  • monterey germaniumAdd to cart

    Keeley Limited Germanium Monterey Special – Rotary Fuzz Vibe Harmonic Wah!

  • monterey fuzzAdd to cart

    Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe – Thick Vintage Fuzz, Octave Up/Down

  • morgan fuzzAdd to cart

    Morgan Amps Fuzz Pedal – Fat Thick Fuzz

  • morgan mkIIRead more

    Morgan Amps MKII Fuzz Pedal

  • morgan nkt275Add to cart

    Morgan Amps NKT275 Classic Fuzz Pedal

  • m236-nlAdd to cart

    MXR M236 Super Badass® Variac Fuzz – Set Voltage From 5V–15V

  • NEW-Carl-Martin-Purple-Moon-Vintage-Fuzz-Vibe-271556192444Add to cart

    NEW! Carl Martin Purple Moon Vintage Fuzz & Vibe

  • carcosa-nlAdd to cart

    NEW! DigiTech Carcosa Analog Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-Dunlop-ERIC-JOHNSON-SIGNATURE-Fuzz-Face-EJF1-Dynamic-Expressive-Tone-290699830138Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop ERIC JOHNSON SIGNATURE Fuzz Face EJF1 – Dynamic & Expressive Tone

  • NEW-Dunlop-FFM4-JOE-BONAMASSA-Signature-Fuzz-Face-Mini-231298311508Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop FFM4 JOE BONAMASSA Signature Fuzz Face Mini

  • NEW-Dunlop-Fuzz-Face-Distortion-JDF2-Dallas-Arbiter-Specs-231517068528Read more

    NEW! Dunlop Fuzz Face Distortion – JDF2 – (Dallas-Arbiter Specs)

  • NEW-Dunlop-JOE-BONAMASSA-SIGNATURE-Fuzz-Face-JBF3B-Dynamic-Expressive-Tone-230937474166Add to cart

    NEW! Dunlop JOE BONAMASSA SIGNATURE Fuzz Face JBF3B – Dynamic & Expressive Tone

  • NEW-EWS-LBD-Little-Brute-Drive-Smooth-Versatile-Overdrive-Pedal-271740960433Add to cart

    NEW! EWS LBD Little Brute Drive – Smooth Versatile Overdrive Pedal

  • NEW-EWS-LFD-Little-Fuzzy-Drive-Smooth-Versatile-Fuzz-Pedal-231452798995Read more

    NEW! EWS LFD Little Fuzzy Drive – Smooth Versatile Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-Fulltone-Octafuzz-OF-2-Fuzz-Pedal-231554311963Add to cart

    NEW! Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2 Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Firefly-Fuzz-Pedal-231591057217Read more

    NEW! JHS Pedals Firefly Fuzz Pedal

  • muffulettaAdd to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals Muffuletta Distortion Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-Jim-Dunlop-Germanium-Fuzz-Face-Mini-Distortion-Pedal-FFM2-290950123251Add to cart

    NEW! Jim Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini Distortion Pedal – FFM2

  • NEW-Jim-Dunlop-Jimi-Hendrix-Band-of-Gypsys-Mini-Fuzz-Face-FFM6-271809808098Add to cart

    NEW! Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys Mini Fuzz Face – FFM6

  • NEW-Jim-Dunlop-Jimi-Hendrix-Fuzz-Face-Mini-Distortion-Pedal-FFM3-290950122670Add to cart

    NEW! Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini-Distortion Pedal – FFM3

  • NEW-Jim-Dunlop-JIMI-HENDRIX-Signature-Fuzz-Face-JHF1-Free-USA-Shipping-230795959289Add to cart

    NEW! Jim Dunlop JIMI HENDRIX Signature Fuzz Face JHF1 – Free USA Shipping!

  • NEW-Jim-Dunlop-ROTOVIBE-Chorus-or-Vibrato-Pedal-JD4S-271388479685Read more

    NEW! Jim Dunlop ROTOVIBE Chorus or Vibrato Pedal – JD4S

  • NEW-Jim-Dunlop-Silicon-Fuzz-Face-Mini-Distortion-Pedal-FFM1-290950124079Add to cart

    NEW! Jim Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini Distortion Pedal – FFM1

  • holy-fuzz-nlRead more

    NEW! Keeley Electronics Holy Fuzz – OC75 Germanium Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-Keeley-Electronics-Sfocato-Fuzz-Wah-Wooly-Thick-Fuzz-Pedal-231303572654Add to cart

    NEW! Keeley Electronics Sfocato Fuzz Wah – Wooly Thick Fuzz Pedal!

  • NEW-Keeley-PSI-Fuzz-Hybrid-Op-Amp-Germanium-Transistor-Fuzz-231465934410Read more

    NEW! Keeley PSI Fuzz – Hybrid Op-Amp + Germanium Transistor Fuzz

  • NEW-Keeley-Son-of-Fuzz-Head-Artwork-by-Calvin-Schenkel-Zappa-271757528144Add to cart

    NEW! Keeley Son of Fuzz Head – Artwork by Calvin Schenkel (Zappa)

  • NEW-Maxon-FA10-Fuzz-Elements-Pedal-Air-True-Bypass-Switching-231167605728Add to cart

    NEW! Maxon FA10 Fuzz Elements Pedal – Air – True Bypass Switching

  • NEW-Maxon-FE10-Fuzz-Elements-Pedal-Ether-True-Bypass-Switching-291046455432Add to cart

    NEW! Maxon FE10 Fuzz Elements Pedal – Ether – True Bypass Switching

  • NEW-Maxon-FW10-Fuzz-Elements-Pedal-Wind-True-Bypass-Switching-271358057673Add to cart

    NEW! Maxon FW10 Fuzz Elements Pedal – Wind – True Bypass Switching

  • NEW-Rainger-FX-Air-Traffic-Controller-Synth-Expansion-Box-271695036373Read more

    NEW! Rainger FX Air Traffic Controller Synth Expansion Box

  • NEW-Rainger-FX-DR-Freakenstein-BASS-Fuzz-Pedal-DrFB-Includes-Igor-231353983282Add to cart

    NEW! Rainger FX DR Freakenstein BASS Fuzz Pedal DrFB (Includes Igor)

  • NEW-Rainger-FX-DR-Freakenstein-DWARF-Distortion-Pedal-Includes-Igor-271628782966Read more

    NEW! Rainger FX DR Freakenstein DWARF Distortion Pedal (Includes Igor)

  • NEW-Rainger-FX-DR-Freakenstein-Fuzz-Pedal-DrFF-3-Includes-Igor-231410962216Add to cart

    NEW! Rainger FX DR Freakenstein Fuzz Pedal DrFF-3 (Includes Igor)

  • NEW-Rainger-FX-El-Distorto-Silicon-Diode-Based-Distortion-Pedal-231254952446Add to cart

    NEW! Rainger FX El Distorto – Silicon Diode Based Distortion Pedal

  • NEW-Rainger-FX-Son-Of-Freakenstein-Fuzz-Pedal-231254939411Add to cart

    NEW! Rainger FX Son Of Freakenstein Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-Shins-Music-Custom-BULLDOG-FUZZ-Pedal-Amazing-Tone-231380540057Read more

    NEW! Shin's Music Custom BULLDOG FUZZ Pedal – Amazing Tone!

  • NEW-SIB-Pedals-Mr-Vibromatic-Vintage-Vibrato-Pedal-271636998354Add to cart

    NEW! SIB Pedals Mr Vibromatic Vintage Vibrato Pedal

  • NEW-SIB-Pedals-Mr-Vibromatic-Vintage-Vibrato-Pedal-231361038711Add to cart

    NEW! SIB Pedals Mr Vibromatic Vintage Vibrato Pedal

  • NEW-SIB-Pedals-Nick-Nitro-Fuzz-Octave-Pedal-2-Independent-Channels-231361030311Read more

    NEW! SIB Pedals Nick Nitro Fuzz Octave Pedal – 2 Independent Channels

  • dynamorph-nl_zpsrwsawx4iAdd to cart

    NEW! TWA DM-02 Dynamorph Pedal (Distortion, Fuzz, Filter, Synth)

  • 4kRead more

    NEW! Vemuram Shanks 4K – Tone Bender 1.5/Fuzz Face Style Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal

  • NEW-Way-Huge-Havalina-Germanium-Fuzz-Pedal-WHE403-291207679626Add to cart

    NEW! Way Huge Havalina™ Germanium Fuzz Pedal – WHE403

  • NEW-ZVEX-Effects-Hand-Painted-WOOLLY-MAMMOTH-Distortion-Fuzz-Pedal-231256507587Read more

    NEW! ZVEX Effects Hand-Painted WOOLLY MAMMOTH – Distortion Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-ZVEX-Effects-INVENTOBOX-CreateModify-Your-Own-Unique-Fuzz-Tone-Stack-231000396123Add to cart

    NEW! ZVEX Effects INVENTOBOX – Create/Modify Your Own Unique Fuzz Tone Stack!

  • NEW-Zvex-Effects-Machine-Unique-Hand-Painted-291334081902Add to cart

    NEW! Zvex Effects Machine – Unique Hand Painted

  • NEW-Zvex-Effects-Machine-Unique-Hand-Painted-1-of-1-271717180963Add to cart

    NEW! Zvex Effects Machine – Unique Hand Painted (1 of 1)

  • NEW-ZVEX-Effects-Vexter-FAT-FUZZ-FACTORY-Distortion-and-Fuzz-Pedal-231508455802Add to cart

    NEW! ZVEX Effects Vexter FAT FUZZ FACTORY – Distortion and Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-ZVEX-Hand-Painted-Lo-Fi-Loop-Junky-Looper-Pedal-20-Seconds-of-Recording-271850698707Add to cart

    NEW! ZVEX Hand Painted Lo-Fi Loop Junky – Looper Pedal 20 Seconds of Recording

  • NEW-ZVEX-USA-Vexter-Series-Fuzz-Factory-Unique-Fuzz-Pedal-231543841966Add to cart

    NEW! ZVEX USA Vexter Series Fuzz Factory – Unique Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-Zvex-Vexter-Series-Instant-Lo-Fi-Junky-271850708024Read more

    NEW! Zvex Vexter Series Instant Lo-Fi Junky

  • NEW-Zvex-Vexter-Series-Super-Duper-2-in-1-271850712085Add to cart

    NEW! Zvex Vexter Series Super Duper 2 in 1

  • fuzeAdd to cart

    PettyJohn Electronics Foundry Series Fuze Fuzz Distortion Pedal

  • blacktopAdd to cart

    Robert Keeley Blacktop Fuzz – Vintage Silicon Muscle (Fairchild 2N3565)

  • ROBERT-KEELEY-FUZZ-HEAD-Germanium-Overdrive-Pedal-New-230398692760Add to cart

    ROBERT KEELEY FUZZ HEAD Germanium Overdrive Pedal New

  • yaRead more

    Roger Mayer Axis Hendrix Fuzz Pedal

  • page classicAdd to cart

    Roger Mayer Page 1 Classic Fuzz Pedal (Used By Jimmy Page)

  • TC AxisAdd to cart

    Roger Mayer TC Series Axis Fuzz Pedal

  • visage-nlAdd to cart

    Roger Mayer Visage Fuzz Pedal – 50th Anniversary Release

  • oz2-nlAdd to cart

    Vemuram Oz Noy Signature Natural Overdrive Fuzz Pedal

  • shanks-II-nlAdd to cart

    Vemuram Shanks II Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal (Silicon & FET)

  • Voodoo-Lab-SUPERFUZZ-Vintage-Fuzz-Pedal-Brand-New-290431072301Add to cart

    Voodoo Lab SUPERFUZZ Vintage Fuzz Pedal – Brand New!

  • contrabandAdd to cart

    Walrus Audio Contraband Fuzz Pedal

  • janusAdd to cart

    Walrus Audio Janus Fuzz/Tremolo with Joystick Control

  • whe406-nl_zps3qb3krvnAdd to cart

    Way Huge WHE206 Conquistador™ Fuzzstortion

  • whe408-nl_zpslqw5tysjAdd to cart

    Way Huge WHE408 Russian Pickle™ Fuzz