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  • new-ego-nlRead more

    Have one to sell? Sell now Details about New Version! Wampler Pedals Ego Compressor – Transparent With Blend Control

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-ACE-THIRTY-Distortion-Overdrive-AC-30-Tones-231105630980Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals ACE THIRTY Distortion Overdrive – AC 30 Tones!

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-CLARKSDALE-Delta-Overdrive-Great-Blues-Drive-291290649012Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals CLARKSDALE Delta Overdrive – Great Blues Drive!

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-DUAL-FUSION-Tom-Quayle-Signature-Overdrive-230988111791Read more

    NEW! Wampler Pedals DUAL FUSION – Tom Quayle Signature Overdrive

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-EUPHORIA-Smooth-Creaminess-Yet-Crunchy-Overdrive-290942124156Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals EUPHORIA – Smooth Creaminess Yet Crunchy Overdrive

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-FAUX-ANALOG-ECHO-Delay-Great-PT2399-Chip-271183464251Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals FAUX ANALOG ECHO Delay – Great PT2399 Chip

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-FAUX-SPRING-REVERB-Fat-Watery-Tones-231066335596Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals FAUX SPRING REVERB – Fat Watery Tones

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-FAUX-TAPE-ECHO-With-Tap-Tempo-Beautiful-Analog-Tone-271183466928Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals FAUX TAPE ECHO With Tap Tempo – Beautiful Analog Tone!

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-HOT-WIRED-VERSION-2-Brent-Mason-Signature-Overdrive-291117363032Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals HOT WIRED VERSION 2 – Brent Mason Signature Overdrive

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-LATITUDE-TREMOLO-DELUXE-With-Tap-Tempo-271590762063Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals LATITUDE TREMOLO DELUXE With Tap Tempo

  • low blowAdd to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals Low Blow Bass Overdrive & Notch Filter

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-NIRVANA-CHORUS-VIBRATO-Fat-Wet-Lush-Tones-290988975176Read more

    NEW! Wampler Pedals NIRVANA CHORUS VIBRATO – Fat Wet & Lush Tones

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-PAISLEY-OVERDRIVE-Brad-Paisley-Signature-Distortion-290891892151Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals PAISLEY OVERDRIVE – Brad Paisley Signature Distortion

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-PINNACLE-DELUXE-Overdrive-Distortion-EVH-Brown-Sound-271289436485Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals PINNACLE DELUXE Overdrive Distortion – EVH Brown Sound

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-PINNACLE-STD-Overdrive-Distortion-EVH-Brown-Sound-231066328229Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals PINNACLE STD Overdrive Distortion – EVH Brown Sound

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-PLEXI-DRIVE-Historic-British-Stack-Tone-271183462128Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals PLEXI DRIVE – Historic British Stack Tone

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-Plexi-Drive-Deluxe-Historic-British-Stack-Tone-231554201815Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals Plexi Drive Deluxe – Historic British Stack Tone

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-SloStortion-American-High-Gain-Distortion-231066337820Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals SloStortion – American High Gain Distortion

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-Triple-Wreck-High-Gain-Distortion-Pedal-231197537141Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals Triple Wreck – High Gain Distortion Pedal

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-VELVET-FUZZ-Pedal-Outstanding-Fuzz-Tones-231045583332Add to cart

    NEW! Wampler Pedals VELVET FUZZ Pedal – Outstanding Fuzz Tones!

  • catapulpAdd to cart

    Wampler Pedals CataPulp Overdrive – Aggressive Edgy British Citrus Tone

  • NEW-Wampler-Pedals-Decibel-Plus-Buffer-Clean-Boost-Pedal-231066340127Read more

    Wampler Pedals Decibel Plus + Buffer & Clean Boost Pedal (Closeout)

  • dual fusion SMTAdd to cart

    Wampler Pedals Dual Fusion SMT – Tom Quayle Signature Overdrive

  • ethereal-nlAdd to cart

    Wampler Pedals Ethereal Reverb and Dual-Delay Pedal

  • mini-ego-nlAdd to cart

    Wampler Pedals Mini Ego Compressor – Small Size Same Great Compression

  • doctor-nlRead more

    Wampler Pedals The Doctor – LoFi Ambient Delay

  • tumnusAdd to cart

    Wampler Pedals Tumnus Overdrive Boost Pedal – Big Tone, Small Form Factor!