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  • s-l1600Add to cart

    Genuine TC Electronic PowerPlug 12 – TC Approved Power Adapter (12v)

  • New-Version-TC-Electronic-Polytune-2-Chromatic-Polyphonic-Tuner-271802271051Add to cart

    New Version! TC Electronic Polytune 2 Chromatic Polyphonic Tuner

  • New-Version-TC-Electronic-Polytune-2-MINI-Chromatic-Polyphonic-Tuner-271834330766Add to cart

    New Version! TC Electronic Polytune 2 MINI Chromatic Polyphonic Tuner

  • NEW-Genuine-TC-Electronic-PowerPlug-9-TC-Approved-Power-Adapter-271802278621Add to cart

    NEW! Genuine TC Electronic PowerPlug 9 – TC Approved Power Adapter

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-CORONA-CHORUS-Pedal-Tone-Print-230677183659Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic CORONA CHORUS Pedal Tone Print

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-DARK-MATTER-DISTORTION-Vintage-Voiced-Distortion-271164850389Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic DARK MATTER DISTORTION – Vintage Voiced Distortion

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-DITTO-LOOPER-Pedal-Super-Intuitive-24-Bit-Quality-Sound-231528215066Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic DITTO LOOPER Pedal – Super Intuitive – 24 Bit Quality Sound

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-Ditto-Stereo-Looper-with-Stereo-IO-and-Backing-Track-291483377192Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic Ditto Stereo Looper with Stereo I/O and Backing Track

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-DITTO-X2-LOOPER-Pedal-24-Bit-Quality-Sound-231514176083Read more

    NEW! TC Electronic DITTO X2 LOOPER Pedal 24 Bit Quality Sound

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-FLASHBACK-DELAY-LOOPER-Pedal-Tone-Print-230677185391Read more

    NEW! TC Electronic FLASHBACK DELAY & LOOPER Pedal Tone Print

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-FLASHBACK-X4-DELAY-LOOPER-Pedal-12-Delay-Types-271783077212Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic FLASHBACK X4 DELAY & LOOPER Pedal – 12 Delay Types

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-G-Major2-Multi-Effects-Guitar-Processor-290827834723Read more

    NEW! TC Electronic G-Major2 – Multi Effects Guitar Processor

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-Hall-Of-Fame-MINI-REVERB-Pedal-Tone-Print-Small-Footprint-291002156571Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic Hall Of Fame MINI REVERB Pedal – Tone Print Small Footprint!

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-HALL-OF-FAME-REVERB-Pedal-Tone-Print-230833526449Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic HALL OF FAME REVERB Pedal Tone Print

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-Helix-Phaser-A-World-of-Phaser-Tones-At-Your-Feet-231584383038Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic Helix Phaser – A World of Phaser Tones At Your Feet

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-MOJOMOJO-True-Bypass-Overdrive-Pedal-230656664136Read more

    NEW! TC Electronic MOJOMOJO True Bypass Overdrive Pedal

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-POLYTUNE-Chromatic-Polyphonic-Tuner-230656663228Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic POLYTUNE Chromatic Polyphonic Tuner

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-ROTTWEILER-DISTORTION-Super-Crunchy-High-Gain-Distortion-271164849048Read more

    NEW! TC Electronic ROTTWEILER DISTORTION Super-Crunchy High Gain Distortion

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-Spark-Mini-Booster-True-Bypass-Clean-Boost-Pedal-231583317895Read more

    NEW! TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster True Bypass Clean Boost Pedal

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-The-Dreamscape-John-Petrucci-Signature-Modulation-Pedal-291388251919Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic The Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature Modulation Pedal

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-Vicious-Vibe-11-Recreation-of-the-Legendary-Shin-Ei-Uni-Vibe-231584380197Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic Vicious Vibe 1:1 Recreation of the Legendary Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-VoiceLive-Play-100s-Of-Song-Artist-Presets-231486746840Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic VoiceLive® Play -100's Of Song & Artist Presets

  • NEW-TC-Electronic-VORTEX-FLANGER-Pedal-Wide-Range-of-Sweet-Flanging-Tones-271156595102Add to cart

    NEW! TC Electronic VORTEX FLANGER Pedal – Wide Range of Sweet Flanging Tones

  • alter-ego-v2-nlRead more

    TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo Delay

  • alter ego x4Add to cart

    TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo Delay Pedal

  • BH550Add to cart

    TC Electronic BH550 TonePrint Enabled 550 Watt Bass Amplifier Head w/Tuner

  • BH800Add to cart

    TC Electronic BH800 TonePrint Enabled 800 Watt Bass Amplifier Head w/Tuner

  • bodyrezAdd to cart

    TC Electronic Body Rez Ultra-Compact Acoustic Pickup Enhancer

  • Bonafide BufferAdd to cart

    TC Electronic BonaFide Buffer – High Quality Analog Buffer

  • TC-Electronic-Corona-Mini-Chorus-Pedal-Tone-Print-Enabled-Small-Footprint-231269063846Add to cart

    TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus Pedal – Tone Print Enabled! Small Footprint!

  • X4Add to cart

    TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper – Dual Track Looper w/ 7 FX

  • flashback-2-nlAdd to cart

    TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay & Looper – New Algorithms & MASH Technology

  • TC-Electronic-Flashback-Mini-Delay-Pedal-Tone-Print-Enabled-Small-Footprint-291178052639Add to cart

    TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal – Tone Print Enabled! Small Footprint!

  • triple-delay-nlAdd to cart

    TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay – 3 Simultaneous Delays!

  • g-systemAdd to cart

    TC Electronic G-System – Total Effects, Total Control, Total Programability

  • hof2-nlRead more

    TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal – New Algorithm (Shimmer)

  • Hyper GravityAdd to cart

    TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor – Studio Quality Multiband Compressor

  • mimiq-nlRead more

    TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler – Realistic Guitar Doubling

  • polytune blacklightRead more

    TC Electronic PolyTune 2 BlackLight Ultra-precise Chromatic Strobe Tuner

  • polytune clipAdd to cart

    TC Electronic Polytune Polyphonic Clip-On Tuner – The Finest Clip-On Tuner

  • RH750Add to cart

    TC Electronic RH750 Flagship Compact Bass Amp w/Tuner

  • SentryAdd to cart

    TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate – Multiband Noise Gate

  • TC-Electronic-Shaker-Mini-Vibrato-Pedal-Tone-Print-Enabled-Small-Footprint-271533500483Add to cart

    TC Electronic Shaker Mini Vibrato Pedal – Tone Print Enabled! Small Footprint!

  • sub-mini-nlRead more

    TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Mini Octaver – Polyphonic Mini Octave Pedal

  • subnupAdd to cart

    TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver – Next Generation Polyphonic Octave Pedal

  • t2Add to cart

    TC Electronic T2 Reverb – 10 Exclusive Gorgeous Reverb Types

  • TC-Electronic-Vortex-Mini-Flanger-Pedal-Tone-Print-Enabled-Small-Footprint-271533502134Add to cart

    TC Electronic Vortex Mini Flanger Pedal – Tone Print Enabled! Small Footprint!

  • wiretapAdd to cart

    TC Electronic WireTap Riff Recorder – Pedal-Simple Riff Recorder