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  • New-Version-Providence-ADC-4-ANADIME-CHORUS-Warm-Rich-Analog-BBD-Chip-271830010565Add to cart

    New Version! Providence ADC-4 ANADIME CHORUS – Warm Rich Analog BBD Chip

  • NEW-Providence-ABC-1-ANADIME-BASS-CHORUS-Warm-Rich-Analog-BBD-Chip-291215515722Add to cart

    NEW! Providence ABC-1 ANADIME BASS CHORUS – Warm Rich Analog BBD Chip

  • bfx-1Add to cart

    NEW! Providence Bass FX Console BFX-1 Programmable Effects Switcher

  • NEW-Providence-DLY-4-CHRONO-DELAY-Pedal-AB-Memory-Presets-Analog-Tone-271163081121Add to cart

    NEW! Providence DLY-4 CHRONO DELAY Pedal – A/B Memory Presets – Analog Tone!

  • NEW-Providence-DUAL-BASS-STATION-DBS-1-Amazing-2-Channel-Bass-Preamp-271262019040Add to cart

    NEW! Providence DUAL BASS STATION DBS-1 Amazing 2-Channel Bass Preamp

  • NEW-Providence-HEAT-BLASTER-HBL-3-Overdrive-Distortion-Pedal-230760168758Read more

    NEW! Providence HEAT BLASTER HBL-3 Overdrive Distortion Pedal

  • NEW-Providence-PEC-2-Programmable-Effects-Controller-Premium-Switching-System-271262024823Add to cart

    NEW! Providence PEC-2 Programmable Effects Controller -Premium Switching System

  • NEW-Providence-ROD-1-RED-ROCK-OD-Distortion-Overdrive-Pedal-271756267639Add to cart

    NEW! Providence ROD-1 RED ROCK OD Distortion Overdrive Pedal

  • NEW-Providence-STAMPEDE-OD-OVERDRIVE-SOV-2-Distortion-Pedal-290870499739Add to cart

    NEW! Providence STAMPEDE OD OVERDRIVE SOV-2 Distortion Pedal

  • NEW-Providence-VELVET-COMP-Compressor-Pedal-VLC-1-Smooth-Lustrous-Compression-290462221232Add to cart

    NEW! Providence VELVET COMP Compressor Pedal VLC-1 Smooth, Lustrous Compression

  • VZ-G1Add to cart

    Providence Active Guitar Impedance Converter Vitalizer-G1 (VZ-G1)

  • brick driveAdd to cart

    Providence Brick Drive BDI-1 Bass Drive Preamp + Vitalizer & DI

  • BTC-1Add to cart

    Providence BTC-1 Bass Boot Comp Bass Compressor Pedal

  • Providence-FINAL-BOOSTER-Pedal-FBT-1-Clean-Boost-NEW-230497474726Read more

    Providence FINAL BOOSTER Pedal FBT-1 Clean Boost – NEW!

  • Providence-FLAME-DRIVE-FDR-1-Overdrive-Distortion-Pedal-290541786681Read more

    Providence FLAME DRIVE FDR-1 Overdrive Distortion Pedal

  • HBL-4Add to cart

    Providence HBL-4 Heat Blaster Distortion Pedal

  • Providence-PHF-1-PHASE-FORCE-Analog-Phase-Shifter-Phaser-Pedal-291027436512Read more

    Providence PHF-1 PHASE FORCE – Analog Phase Shifter Phaser Pedal

  • Providence-PV-9-PROVOLT-9-POWERBOX-Pedal-Power-Supply-Auto-Voltage-Controller-230936227763Add to cart

    Providence PV-9 PROVOLT 9 POWERBOX Pedal Power Supply – Auto Voltage Controller

  • Providence-SDR-5-SONIC-DRIVE-Distortion-Overdrive-Pedal-290818702422Read more

    Providence SDR-5 SONIC DRIVE Distortion Overdrive Pedal

  • Providence-SDT-2-STAMPEDE-DT-Distortion-Overdrive-Pedal-271186601906Read more

    Providence SDT-2 STAMPEDE DT Distortion Overdrive Pedal

  • Providence-SLD-1F-SILKY-DRIVE-Overdrive-Distortion-Vintage-Tube-Tones-290818707282Read more

    Providence SLD-1F SILKY DRIVE – Overdrive Distortion – Vintage Tube Tones

  • VFB-1Add to cart

    Providence VFB-1 VITALIZERâ„¢ FB Boost Pedal

  • VZW-1Read more

    Providence VZW-1 Vitalizerâ„¢ WV Active Impedance Converter/Buffer