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  • SD-1Read more

    Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive With JHS Pedals Trans Am Mod

  • Soul FoodRead more

    Electro Harmonix Soul Food – Includes JHS Pedals “Meat & 3” Mod

  • JHS VP jrRead more

    Ernie Ball VP JR Volume Pedal with JHS Pedals Active/No Loss Mod

  • archer katnissAdd to cart

    J. Rockett Archer Overdrive Boost Pedal – JHS “Katniss” Mod

  • vcr-nl_zpsrgqwd97sAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals + Ryan Adams + PaxAm = The VCR

  • 4-wheelerAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals 4 Wheeler Bass Fuzz Pedal Version 2

  • angry charlie newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Angry Charlie V3 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • jhs-bd2-nlRead more

    JHS Pedals Boss BD-2 Blu-Drive Mod

  • GE7-nlRead more

    JHS Pedals Boss GE-7 Equilizer Magnum Mod EQ

  • charlie brown newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Charlie Brown V4 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • jhs-shamrockRead more

    JHS Pedals Electro Harmonix Soul Food Shamrock Mod

  • $_57Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Emperor Analog Chorus/Vibrato with Tap Tempo

  • $_57Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Hand Painted Charlie Brown Overdrive Pedal

  • little amp boxRead more

    JHS Pedals Little Black Amp Box

  • $_57Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Mini Foot Fuzz Pedal

  • morning glory v4Read more

    JHS Pedals Morning Glory V4 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • $_57Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Mute Switch – Dual Color LED

  • pinkpanther-nlAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Pink Panther Digital Delay w/ Tap Tempo

  • pollinator newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Pollinator V2 Fuzz Pedal – Latest Version!

  • pulp n peel newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Pulp ‘N’ Peel V4 Compressor & Preamp Pedal – Latest Version!

  • red-remoteRead more

    JHS Pedals Red Remote Switch

  • ruby-redAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Ruby Red Butch Walker Signature 2-in-1 Overdrive/Fuzz/Boost

  • steakandeggsAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals Steak N Eggs (Morning Glory + Keeley Compressor)

  • stutter%20switch_zpswhddbkboRead more

    JHS Pedals Stutter Switch – Momentarily Mute Your Signal

  • superbolt newAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals SuperBolt V2 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • calhoun-nlAdd to cart

    JHS Pedals The Calhoun Mike Campbell Limited Qty. Signature 2-in-1

  • kiltRead more

    JHS Pedals The Kilt 2-in-1 Overdrive/Boost Pedal

  • s-l1600Add to cart

    JHS Pedals Twin Twelve Channel Drive V2 Overdrive Pedal – Latest Version!

  • $_57Read more

    JHS Pedals Warble Tron – Pitch Modulator & Vibrato

  • s-l500Read more

    JHS Pollinator Classic Fuzz Face Pedal

  • s-l500Add to cart

    JHS Unicorn Uni-vibe Photocell Modulator w/ Tap Tempo

  • JHS Dyna CompRead more

    MXR Dyna Comp – JHS Pedals Dyna Ross Mod

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Panther-Cub-Analog-Delay-w-Tap-Tempo-291490224648Add to cart

    New Version 1.5! JHS Pedals Panther Cub Analog Delay w/ Tap Tempo

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Alpine-Reverb-Pedal-271899371567Add to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals Alpine Reverb Pedal

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Angry-Charlie-Overdrive-Pedal-271899346580Read more

    NEW! JHS Pedals Angry Charlie Overdrive Pedal

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Buffered-Splitter-Pedal-Split-w-No-Signal-Loss-271899932548Add to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals Buffered Splitter Pedal – Split w/ No Signal Loss!

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Colour-Box-High-Quality-Preamp-291490218828Read more

    NEW! JHS Pedals Colour Box High Quality Preamp

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Double-Barrel-Overdrive-Pedal-231591064068Read more

    NEW! JHS Pedals Double Barrel Overdrive Pedal – Version 3

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Firefly-Fuzz-Pedal-231591057217Read more

    NEW! JHS Pedals Firefly Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Little-Black-Buffer-Pedal-Line-Driver-291490668939Add to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals Little Black Buffer Pedal – Line Driver

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Mini-Triple-Tap-Tempo-w-Polarity-Toggle-231591576080Read more

    NEW! JHS Pedals Mini Triple Tap Tempo w/ Polarity Toggle

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Moonshine-Overdrive-Pedal-231591054522Add to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals Moonshine Overdrive Pedal

  • Sale! NEW-JHS-Pedals-Morning-Glory-Overdrive-291490195747Read more

    NEW! JHS Pedals Morning Glory Overdrive

    $199.00 $149.00
  • muffulettaAdd to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals Muffuletta Distortion Fuzz Pedal

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-PRESTIGE-Buffer-Boost-Tone-Enhancer-271899350843Add to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals PRESTIGE Buffer, Boost, Tone Enhancer

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Pulp-N-Peel-Compressor-231591050360Read more

    NEW! JHS Pedals Pulp ‘N’ Peel Compressor

  • NEW-JHS-Pedals-Sweet-Tea-Overdrive-Pedal-Angrie-Charlie-JHS-808-271899355301Add to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals Sweet Tea Overdrive Pedal – Angrie Charlie + JHS-808!

  • andy timmonsAdd to cart

    NEW! JHS Pedals The AT (@ Andy Timmons) Signature Channel Drive