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    Friedman Amps BE-100 Hand-Wired 100-watt EL34 Powered Tone Machine!

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    Friedman Amps BE-OD Overdrive – Authentic British Overdrive Tones

  • Mini%20Dirty%20Shirley%20Head_zpso7znjwegRead more

    Friedman Amps MINI DIRTY SHIRLEY Hand-Wired Head 20-watt EL84

  • PT-20%20Head_zpsxrksnb8xAdd to cart

    Friedman Amps PT-20 Hand-Wired 20-watt EL84 Powered Tone Machine!

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    Friedman Amps SIR-COMPRE Compressor with Gain Pedal

  • small%20box%20bombo_zps3imeeqnuAdd to cart

    Friedman Amps SMALL BOX COMBO Hand-Wired 50-watt EL34

  • dscombo-nlAdd to cart

    Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini 1×10″ 20-watt Combo Amplifier

  • pt20c-nlAdd to cart

    Friedman PT-20 Pink Taco 1×10″ 20-watt Combo Amplifier